Cookies: New excitement to an old favorite!

Yes, the word cookie is derived from the Dutch word koekje, which means little cake. It was first introduced on this continent in the late 1620s when the Dutch arrived in New Amsterdam bearing the easily portable and enticingly sweet goodies. But the true origin of cookies dates back even further to 7th century Persia.

When you consider this long history, it’s somewhat surprising to learn that the chocolate chip cookie is actually a relative newcomer to the party. Ruth Wakefield of Whitman, Massachusetts created the first recipe around 1938, and the chocolate chip cookie has been an American institution ever since.

Today, the cookie continues to evolve with new flavors and formulations that reflect the prevailing consumer tastes of the day. And we at Sweet Street have been right there as well, introducing new products that are as irresistible as they are innovative.

Sweet Street’s Manifesto™ line of cookies is the result of our commitment to offering cleaner, more wholesome products. Every batch starts with all-butter, pure-cane-sugar and cage-free-egg cookie dough and promises ingredients that are GMO free, additive free and sustainable.

The Salted Caramel Crunch Manifesto™ Cookie has a salty sweet flavor profile that plays hopscotch with the crunch of toffee, pretzels and white chocolate. The Oatmeal Raisin Manifesto™ Cookie features toasted oats three ways, homey and chewy, with Flame and Thompson raisins, redolent with aromatic spices. And the Snickerdoodle Manifesto™ Cookie entices with sweet and buttery cookie dough, mixed with cinnamon’d graham crumbs and Saigon cinnamon spice and morsels. Luscious choices, all.

For even more wholesome and delicious cookie options, visit the Manifesto™ products page on the Sweet Street website.

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